teen drug abuse

Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs?

Ah the teenage, the period of rebellion and the sweet smell of freedom and self appreciation. A lot of us have passed that phase and we all can safely say that it was one of the most difficult times of our lives, but some end up in an addiction treatment center. Being a teen is no joke and it is definitely not easy. That time is the most vulnerable we can ever be and we all hope for the best clinging on to our own beliefs all in the while with the bright idea of starting our own thing and demanding freedom of doing anything that we want to. Human beings are curious in nature, and teenage is probably that difficult time when we all figure out new things constantly. Not to mention, how to be ourselves, so we experiment and look for new things. It gets difficult making life choices as the experience and the common sense lacks in most of us at that time. Some might argue that it is perfectly fine being drunk or getting high in order to try out new stuff but unfortunately most teens are not ready for the unforgiving consequences that come with that. Regardless of our sides in this debate, there are some major reasons teens get addicted and try out new drugs.

  • addiction treatment programsTo feel grown up and to be in charge: Teens are vulnerable and they totally want to dominate that environment and situation that they grow up in. They often want to be treated like adults. They want to know that they can handle things. So in order to become older rather than being responsible they try out drugs. Smoking, drinking and abusing drugs give them the false impression of being mature when ultimately they stoop their life and mind in to the deepest darkest pits of despair. Until they face the impacts and the consequences, they only think bad things happen to others.
  • Peer pressure: Teenage is a time to build friendship and grow bondings with each other. Teens find themselves in a magical land of friendship with new people to explore and give their heart out to. They do not know who to believe and what to expect and certain boundaries they should not cross. The innocent idea of being appreciated and being loved sometimes pull them to drug abuse. In circles of friends, peer pressure works like hell. Others urge one poor teen to try out new drugs and to appear cool and macho among the group. The idea of being cool and hip and the fear of abandonment by the near and dear friends sometimes force some poor child to get hooked with the nasty and devastating drugs.
  • Curiosity and boredom: The availability of street and prescription drugs and tons of time with the sense of exploration also brings teens to drugs. They feel attracted to try out new forbidden things and try out drugs without knowing they will get addicted and face the harsh consequences.

Drugs are hell and teens most of the time do not know it or choose to ignore it. It is our job as adults to educate and aware them of it and keep them away from drugs.