Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse

When hip culture were getting really popular in the 70s, parents were getting worried sick that their children were all going astray while smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol. Though those concerns are nonexistent nowadays, it is fairly certain that a new kind of concern still chasing them out of their minds and that concern would be misuse of prescription drugs. These days, the danger comes in the form of different and different kinds of drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, crack, amphetamine, sleeping medicine, Ritalin etc.

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It seems that all different sorts of drugs are getting popular these days. The most concerning part of this ordeal is that most of these are quite easy to find and consume. There are lots of people who are using prescription drugs for recreational purposes thus abusing them. Drugs are not bound by age and that is another problem. They can easily get their hands on various drugs without any trouble. The older population who is using prescribed drugs for a long term, also fall under the risk. Most incidents of drug abuse are noticed in the teens. One in a five teens try to get high on common street drug and that is a concerning ordeal for us in general. There can be different ways how the abuse starts and the misuse can occur in many ways. Drugs are the most distressful and disgusting ways of a life to be ruined with and it definitely does not bring anything happy for a victim. Drugs have all sorts of long term effects and those are described below:

  • Long lasting damage to the brain. Damages might happen over time and might include memory impairment, dopamine overdose, impaired judgment, negative thoughts and self harming issues.
  • Damage to regions of brain that control different critical functions such as emotions, feelings, controlling bodily functions such as movement, sleep and learning.
  • Destruction of neurons. Neuron is something that does not grow once destroyed. Drugs can reduce neuron count significantly and completely ruin a well functioned brain and mind.
  • Depression, mania and anxiety.
  • Degeneration to nerve endings, nerves and tissues.
  • Kidney failure, kidney stone and severe pain to other internal organs.
  • Hemorrhaging and blood clots in different parts of the body.
  • Psychotic issues.
  • Cardiovascular issues and blockage of veins and arteries. In fatal cases hearts might give in or be damaged significantly.
  • Asphyxiation and lung problems.

Drug abuse also has these effects:


  • Addiction: Some drugs are addictive in nature and even short term usage can cause the body to be dependent on it resulting in withdrawal symptoms. It can also cause the body to be reliant on that particular drug.

Nausea, choking, mood swings, fever are common symptoms of drug abuse. In serious cases it might result in infertility, coma or even cardiac complications and death. Whatever drug is abused the end result is always bad. Absolutely nothing good comes out in the long run and it always ends in disaster.


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