Is Addiction Taboo?

Why does no one in our society talk about addiction openly? Many people are frequently unaware of what another is going through. Even family members or close friends can be left in the dark to what their closest loved one is going through. We have a society that will share the most irrelevant details of things with one another, but is too afraid to engage in a difficult conversation.

I remember when I first experienced this loneliness, I was recovering from a sickness that lasted for over a year. At first everyone showed their support, they would talk to me or bring me dinner and make me feel remembered. When I didn’t recover is when the friends stopped texting. It became uncomfortable for them to have a serious conversation or to be there for me. When they could no longer get by with some food and a, “get better soon” they stopped coming. Why is it that we fear difficult conversations?

I believe that if we do not make time for the important things in life, we will be condemning those we love to unnecessary pain. All it takes is some genuine time and love shown to help someone who is struggling overcome their trial. If we put forth the effort and truly listen and be there for our closest friends and family in their time of need, they will remember us in ours.

By fostering an environment of love and care for others, we will take the steps required to free our society from this taboo of struggle. We will help people to know that it’s okay to ask for help and it’s alright to not be alright.  Being willing to reach out to others is one of the most important steps to recovery. Everyone knows that it’s much easier to accomplish things when you have outside support to rely on when your own support system starts to diminish. It starts with us, so let’s help others.