Gifts for Recovering Addicts

8 Spiritual Gifts for Recovering Addicts

Spiritual Gifts for Recovering Addicts

If you have somebody in your life who is in recovery from addiction, you may be wondering what to get them for a recovery anniversary or other special day. We’ve come up with eight ideas for gifts for recovering addicts that we love. We’ve been given these things and have gifted them ourselves, and people in recovery may love these offerings!

Mala Beads

mala beads for recoveryMala beads make an amazing spiritual gift for somebody in recovery. They can be worn any time to remind us of our deeper intentions to cultivate kindness, self-awareness, and insight. They can also be used in meditation practice as an awesome tool to aid in building a quiet mind.

You can find many different places online to get mala beads, and there are tons of beautiful ones out there. One of our favorite places to buy malas as gifts is the Mala Collective. They really have beautiful pieces, can gift wrap, and are great people to support!

Recovery Readings

There are so many great books out there on recovery and addiction, and it can be hard to weed through all of the options. One of our favorite options for those in recovery from addiction is the daily meditation book style. These are little books you can keep by your bedside, and pop open every morning or evening to give you some inspiration.

Hazelden makes a handful of these meditation books, and we highly recommend them. They have general recovery-related books, and more specific books for people struggling with relationships, men and women, and nighttime practices. Check out a few of our favorites below!

Diffuser Jewelry

This is a relatively new gift idea for me, but I love it! Somebody actually gave me a diffuser necklace last year, and I’ve used it regularly ever since. A piece of diffuser jewelry is something you wear with essential oils to help encourage specific qualities. Depending on the oil, the individual can bring themselves some ease, some energy, or focus.

Online Essential Oils Guide has a great collection of natural essential oil jewelry that we recommend. You can buy one of these for a friend, get them some oils, and give them the perfect grounding gift for their recovery!

chakra braceletChakra Bracelets

For those into yoga, chakras, and spiritual practices, a chakra bracelet is an awesome gift. These pieces of jewelry can be perfect for somebody in recovery as they encourage grounding, opening of the chakras, and the development of insight. They certainly aren’t for everyone, but for the right person they can be a great present!

One Mind Dharma has a great collection of different chakra jewelry you can check out, and you may be able to find some at local yoga studios.

Recovery Coins

People in recovery from addiction may attend support groups like twelve-step programs where recovery medallions are given out. These coins or tokens can be a great gift for the person in your life in recovery. There are so many different ones out there that your loved one may enjoy, and it can be overwhelming. We have a few below that we love and may be right for your special someone!


Many people in recovery write quite a bit. Whether it’s working on stepwork or just writing our thoughts and experience down, a journal can make a great gift! It supports the person’s recovery and growth, gives them a special place to write, and can be exciting to receive when it’s the right person. There are many beautiful journals out there. We love these journals and actually use one ourselves!

coloring book giftSpiritual Coloring Books

This may seem like a gift for a child, but coloring books make fantastic gifts for adults as well! There are many benefits of coloring books, so it’s a great gift to encourage personal growth and self-care. It’s also one of those things we don’t often buy for ourselves, but would love to have!

As an avid fan of coloring books, I’ve seen so many cool ones. Buddha Groove has some of my favorites, and I love their stuff in general so like supporting them when possible!

Meditation and Yoga Tools

Finally, you can give a gift that centers on dedicated spiritual practice. Whether the person is into meditation, yoga, or prayer, you can find gifts to compliment their practice and tradition. Meditation cushions make a great gift, as do nice yoga mats. Often, these things are a bit expensive so we shy away from buying them ourselves. This makes them the perfect gift!

You can check out The Ultimate Green Store for some meditation cushions and yoga supplies. They are an eco-friendly store offering a huge selection of products. Their cushions and mats are top-quality and super comfortable, and it is nice to know you’re making a good choice for the environment!

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